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Exploring our world thru a lens

Steve Eirschele’s passion is fine art printmaking.  He is a professional engineer by degree and an avid photographer for over 40 years combining technical skills with creative images.  He began his photography adventure during college choosing black & white images, which has always been and still is his passion.  Steve designed and built three of his own wet chemistry darkrooms spending hundreds of hours further perfecting his camera and darkroom skills.   He progressed from 35mm to medium format, a huge leap in producing fine art photographs.  He continued to attend many workshops and field outings while displaying and selling his work in public and corporate galleries.  Steve reluctantly entered the digital photography age, giving up his state-of-the-art wet chemistry darkroom for a ‘lightroom’.  He once again realized significant opportunities to improve his fine art photography, always perfecting and loving the printed image. 

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